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Safety of Floorcare Essentials

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WoolSafe Test Methods Ensure the Safety of FloorCare Essentials

The last thing you want for your home investment in Mohawk floors is a household cleaner that damages the function or appearance.

Before FloorCare Essentials can have the honor of treating the surfaces in your home, we go to great lengths to guarantee optimal performance.

This includes undergoing WoolSafe test methods to gauge product acceptability, or making sure cleaning products serve their intended purpose without a harmful effect on wool carpets or rugs.

In order to earn the WoolSafe Approved Certification Mark, Mohawk FloorCare Essentials was evaluated on the following characteristics:

  • No oxidizing or reducing agents are present: may cause bleaching or alteration of carpet colors.
  • Low alkalinity: a difficult–to–neutralize, slightly alkaline product may have a worse effect than an initially more alkaline, but easily neutralized chemical.
  • Cleaning performance: should meet an acceptable standard for the type of product.
  • Re–soiling characteristics: cleaned carpets should not re–soil more quickly than the carpet did before cleaning.
  • Effect on color fastness: should not cause color bleeding or a change in color of dyed carpets.
  • Spot removal performance: must reach an acceptable level of spot removal ability based on the type of spot remover.
  • pH level.


Earning this distinction is another way Mohawk is committed to providing you the most effective cleaning systems available. Click here for additional information on WoolSafe testing methods and WoolSafe Certification.


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